The S-15R Laser Screed® concrete-leveling machine screeds 18m2 per pass with a 6.1 metres telescopic boom reaching out over the concrete. The powerful hydraulic system controls the elevation of the plow and auger to maintain grade so you can get a much smoother surface as compared to rigid mounting style machines, even with very low slump concrete!

The S-15R is 3 metre wide at the stabilizers, with fully integrated head assembly plows, levels and consolidates in a single automated pass. The plow rakes down high concrete filling in low spots and the Somero® Quick Pass feature rakes down excessively high concrete without manual intervention. The hydraulically driven auger cuts the surface to grade and displaces excess concrete to the side via a double flight auger and the offset head design minimizes side overlap. An electric vibrator saves weight and applies equal harmonics across the entire vibrator width. The S-15R is a high performing and sophisticated machine with great value.


  • 360° powered machine rotation
  • Compatible with the 3-D Profiler System®
  • 4 wheel, crab steering
  • 4 Stabilizers in-line with wheels
  • Flip-down plow extension

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S15R - Support kit