The all new S-10A has been engineered for productivity and convenience. It is compact in size at just 3,515kg, but highly productive. With a 6.1 metre telescopic boom and our patented, fully automated, self-leveling 3 metre screed head, the S10A allows customers to screed 18.6m2 per pass. Due to its light weight, the S-10A can be transported on either a flatbed truck or a tow behind trailer.

The S-10A has operator’s convenience unmatched in the industry. The Somero Quick Grade Set SystemTM enables the operator to easily and accurately set grade in minutes. With only two steps, the operator can easily assesses the centrally located operator platform for direct line of sight to the pour while screeding and the OASIS Laser Control System from Somero allows the operator to fine tune and calibrate the machine without leaving the operator area.


  • New 3 metres screed head allowing for 18.6m2 per pass
  • Operator positioned in centre of machine for optimum operator sight line
  • 6.1 metre boom
  • Customised OASIS Laser Control System
  • Compatible with the 3-D Profiler System®
  • Easily transported on a truck or trailer

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S10A - Support kit