The Morrison material spreaders are ideal for all types of after-pour applications, such as hardeners, colourings, and light reflective coatings. They come in various size and options for your application needs.


  • Available in 0.7m, 1.5m and 3m sections
  • Material flow is adjustable from 0.5kg to 14kg per square metre
  • Flow rate control is independent from hopper travel speed
  • Hopper height is adjustable from 5cm to 45.7cm over slab
  • Bolted construction makes on-site length changes and adjustments quick and easy using everyday tools
  • Metered flow valve assures precise applications of expensive toppings
  • Capable of spanning slabs from 3metres to 23metres


  • Wheeled end section with 2 or 4 wheels per end
  • Trap rock discharge adaptors
  • Calibration pan 0.45kg weight for 0.3m2

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