Durability Modeling For Concrete Assets
July 22, 2016
Concrete Production & Testing
July 22, 2016

Condition Assessment Services

Knowledge of the chemical and physical deterioration mechanisms occurring in a concrete structure is critical to develop an understanding of the structure’s future maintenance requirements, expected lifespan and ongoing serviceability. ANCON Beton can undertake the scoping of a structural condition assessment investigation, the undertaking of on-site testing and the interpretation and reporting of analysis findings. Long-term maintenance and management plans can be produced.

Concrete Items Assessed

• Insitu Concrete Compressive Strength

• Reinforcement cover, sizing and location

• Chloride Ingress profile and Predictions

• Carbonation Depth

• Physical wear and Abrasion

• Cracking and Spalling

• Reinforcement corrosion potential and rates

• Sulfate Attack

• Alkali Aggregate Reactivity

• Chemical or Acid Attack

• Voids and other Physical Defects

• Hardened Concrete Constituent Material Analysis


An Assessment Process may include items such as:

• The actual exposure condition(s) for the structure

• Review of as-build construction drawings and records

• A structure’s repair and maintenance history

• Visual defects inspections

• Schimdt hammer, ultrasonic, GPR and other non-destructive testing

• Core testing for chloride profile or carbonation, sulfates and chemical analysis

• Chloride modelling for insitu chloride diffusion,

• Half-cell potentials

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