Condition Assessment Services
July 22, 2016
Concrete Mix & Material
July 22, 2016

Concrete Production & Testing

ANCON’s services are applicable from a single batching plant (including Mini Mix) to a complete company business restructuring. ANCON can provide a strategic improvement plan in all aspects of concrete production and operational performance through to marketing, technical, concrete testing and materials performance. Measurements of efficiency and profitability in each area of an operation related to world’s best practice. Improvement and implementation plans developed.

Batching Process Optimisation

• Reduction in Plant Standard Deviation.

• Assessment of Plant Efficiency, Availability and Utilisation (KPI’s).

• Defining “Current State” production capability.

• Production cycle time management.

• Concrete truck traffic flow efficiency at plant site.

• New Technology Batch Plants. (Wet and Dry batching/ mixing processes).

• Preventative Maintenance Programming.

• Full Safety, Environmental, and Maintenance audits of all sites to identify current and potential condition of all equipment.

• Capital improvement plans to upgrade and replace plants and provide cost effective operational improvements.

• Reduced Plant Downtime.

• Development of an effective Occupational


ANCON consultants have experience in:

• Laboratory Layout and Management

• General Management

• Concrete Mix Development

• Logistics, Transport and Manufacturing

• Sales & Marketing

• Quality Control

• Financial and Strategic Planning

• Process Improvement

• Plant Concept Development and Construction Support

• Raw Materials production

• Quality Assurance and Occupational Health & Safety

• Computer aided analysis and reporting

• Problem solving and Troubleshooting

• Risk Management

• Liaison with contractors and consultants


Technical & Material Improvements,Laboratory & IT

• Field and Laboratory Testing Reviews and Improvements.

• Computer based QC Programs

• ANCONTEK Spreadsheets for Production, Technical and Mix Design Functions.

• Lab QA/QC/Visual Aids Documentation.

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