Concrete Production & Testing
July 22, 2016
Concrete Floor Consultancy
August 10, 2016

Concrete Mix & Material

Concrete mix reviews for all concrete applications including civil,industrial and warehouse floors & pavements.

• Trial mix programs and trial supervision.

• Mix optimisation to meet market and customer needs.

• Special purpose concrete mix development such as high strength concrete, precast mixes, shotcrete, no fines (permeable) concrete, grouts, superworkable concrete (SCC).

• Coarse and fine aggregate evaluation in concrete and establishing the optimum material to meet specification and customer needs.

• Evaluation of cements, flyash, blast furnace slag and silica fume for cost effectiveness and performance in special and general concrete.

• Evaluation of steel fibres for performance levels and cost benefit analysis.

• Evaluation of admixtures and application needs as well as establishing the cost benefit parameters.

• Establish the performance of raw materials for various durability applications such as sulphate and chloride environments and Alkali Aggregate Reactivity (AAR).



• Concrete mix specifications for projects

• AS1379 production assessments and compliance reviews

• Grout mix designs, testing and performance

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