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August 10, 2016
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September 15, 2016

ANCON Floor Package

ANCON tailors packages of project management consultancy combined with the right equipment to meet the needs of each customer and project. ANCON has consulted, project managed and trained on 1000 sites in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia over the past 12 years. ANCON’s vast knowledge and experience enables its team to advise and deliver quality results to its customer.

What is an ANCON FLOOR

The “ANCON Floor” is defined as:

• Flat & Level

• Burnished with High Quality Surface or hard trowel finish

• High Abrasion Resistance

• Shake-On Hardener or no Shake-On Hardener

• Far Less defects

• Less Rectification Costs

• Fast Track Program

• Most Economical Construction Method

• Joints square and level for smooth transition


What is a BAD FLOOR

This floor was cheap to build however it is very expensive to repair and maintain. The total cost of this floor after rectification is much higher than the cost of an “ANCON Floor.” The floor defects are:

• Low Surface Quality and High Abrasion

• Not Flat or Level

• Delamination Defects

• Higher Surface Abrasion

• Poor and inefficient for Operator

• High Maintenance Costs

• Poor Joint Performance



Essential Elements of an ANCON Floor

1.  Application of World’s Best Construction Practice – “ACI Standards”

2.  A Rigid Construction Process is Followed

3.  Latest Technology

4.  Good Quality Materials – The Concrete Mix

5.  World’s Leading Construction Equipment


What is an ANCON Floor


• Flat

• Level

• Hard

• Defect Free

• Looks Good

• Almost nil maintenance

• Best value for money


The ANCON FLOOR is accomplished by ANCON assisting the following:

• Establish customer needs

• Concrete Mix Review and Trial Mixes

• Supply Equipment including Somero Laser Screeds and Allen Engineering Walk-behind,Ride-on Trowels, Hand Tools and Straightening Tools.

• Face Construction Technologies USA Dipstick

• Equipment Trainer on site for 5-7 days

• Floor Construction Consultant on site for 5 -7 days


ANCON has successfully delivered packages in:

• Singapore

• Thailand

• Vietnam

• Indonesia

• Malaysia

• Australia

• New Zealand

• Fiji

• New Caledonia




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