3-D Profiler System

The Somero® 3-D Profiler System® is a technological breakthrough which allows concrete to be placed over contoured sites (shaped like a golf course) automatically using a Somero Laser Screed®. The highly accurate screeding of concrete, until now restricted to single and dual plane applications, is now available to meet the demands of real 3-dimensional paving.

Concrete paving is a multi-billion dollar market and gaining momentum. A great opportunity exists for Laser Screed® equipment owners to capitalize by expanding services to include concrete paving. It can double the use of the S22E, SXP-D, S-15R and S-15m Laser Screed®.The 3-D Profiler System® is ideal for use on parking lots, loading dock areas, service ramps, and driveways. It’s also being used to white top and repair roadways, runways, taxiways, and bridges. Slope and elevation changes are now completely practical and cost effective to achieve.

The 3-D Profiler System® is easy to learn and use. It is compatible with all of the latest Laser Screed models such as the Copperhead, S-840 and the Mini-Screed C and it is also adaptable to earlier models .

The 3-D Profiler System® comes complete with all necessary components to get you profitably paving right away.

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